The importance of viewing play from the child’s perspective
Those of us who work with young children know stress often translates into an uptick in challenging behaviours. Tantrums, meltdowns, sleep disruptions, and regression are all ways that children may show that they are having a hard time. So, what can parents and caregivers do to help? Here are...
Early childhood educators tell me a lot of stories when I keynote or train. And since I’ve been speaking and training for almost four decades, you can imagine just how many stories there have been. Lately, though, I keep hearing the same three stories from teachers throughout the country.
In early simple dramatic play, children begin to represent concrete actions they have done themselves such as eating their dinner, or seen others do such as driving a car. Moving into more complex socio-dramatic play, however, brings additional cognitive challenges that further develop thinking...
Here’s an activity incorporating art in the sand area. Of course you can do it anywhere, but we set this up right in our sandpit where the primary material for this project was abundant – sand! It also made the clean up really easy.
When Friedrich Froebel gave his cousin a set of wooden blocks for her two young sons as a present and asked her to observe how they played with them, he gave us two gifts in one – a practical resource designed for children’s learning and free play and an invitation to observe and reflect on...
How are we weathering pandemic screen time? How will we put it in its proper place when all of this is over? And how is it shaping our roles as parents and professionals in the meantime?
Bubble printing is a fun art technique for children. With a drinking straw, food colour, dish soap, and paper bubble-blowing will create intriguing and unique patterns.
Now is a good time to familiarise ourselves with Froebel’s original ideas, and to use them to challenge inappropriate practices used with our youngest children.
Allowing time to follow a child’s interest in nature takes patience and may even disrupt your plans for the day, but will be rewarded by enthusiastic and truly child-led learning.

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