Our magnetic whiteboard has a surprise for you


Whenever I walk through central London, it brightens my day to see a sidewalk artist chalking away industriously. It reminds me of the scenes from Mary Poppins where Bert creates a world on the pavement that Jane and Michael can jump into. My art skills are not that hot (an understatement) but even if you’re like me, there is something you can do for the budding sidewalk artists in your centre: provide a chalkboard.

Community Playthings’ Art islands are going green, but in a different way:  When you flip the whiteboard over, the back is a green magnetic chalkboard made of the same durable enamel coating as the whiteboard. That means each easel can be used for painting, whiteboard markers or chalk. Some of our customers even project onto the whiteboard instead of a screen at staff trainings.

If you have one of our old easels or Art islands and would like a new set of white (and green) boards, you can order replacement boards. If your magnets have wandered off to the science corner and disappeared, now is the time to get replacements so children can put their paper on the easel without tape or bulldog clips.

P.S. This may not be up to Bert’s magic, but it’s as close as we could get.

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