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Bubble printing is a fun art technique for children. With a drinking straw, food colour, dish soap, and paper bubble-blowing will create intriguing and unique patterns.
Growing grass is one of the most basic projects that demonstrates the concept of planting seeds and the growth of plants and will be easy for young children to carry out with minimal adult support.
Explore the concept of freezing and melting, liquids and solids with this winter-themed project. Best done in frosty cold weather, here is an activity that can take place entirely outdoors. Children will enjoy creating these ice ornaments and be intrigued with the magical end result.
As Christmas approaches, we will all be looking for ways to prepare with the children in our care. Here’s a simple art-craft project giving children a chance to explore with colour and create a star-shaped decoration for the windows in your setting, or to take home as a gift.
Explore shapes, colours and types of leaves with this easy-to-set-up art activity that capitalises on nature your children can find right in the outdoor area. Highly versatile in its simplicity, the entire project can take place outdoors, or it can be set up in the indoor art area – bringing...
Kids love the chance to explore and experiment with paint and found objects.
Here's a fun, simple craft to try with young (and older!) children. Make a beautiful surprise Easter egg to brighten your home, or stick it on a card and send to a friend or relative.
There are many ways to make pompoms but this is by far the simplest and fastest method I have come across. All you need is a fork, some yarn, and a pair of scissors.
For many years Community Playthings' catalogues were instantly recognisable by the whimsical drawings of children that graced the front covers. This short slide show contains a tiny portion of Tabea Johnson's vast collection of artwork. It serves to remind us of the free and wonder-filled...
With just three folds and a cut, even a young child can create a beautiful star out of a circle of paper.

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