Arranging and equipping the sand and water area
Treasure baskets
Playing in the sand
Colour and sound in your nursery setting

Early years

Early childhood educators tell me a lot of stories when I keynote or train. And since I’ve been speaking and training for almost four decades, you can imagine just how many stories there have been. Lately, though, I keep hearing the same three stories from teachers throughout the country.
Now is a good time to familiarise ourselves with Froebel’s original ideas, and to use them to challenge inappropriate practices used with our youngest children.
The unprecedented transition from classrooms to virtual learning in the last months can leave us feeling hopeless and powerless, or we can choose to use the moment as a catalyst to transform early childhood education. It is time to support children’s interests and ideas and promote play as the...
The Japanese tradition of wabi sabi has much to offer as we look to create a more thoughtful and sustainable way of educating our young children. Traditional Japanese design has long been associated with a simple, uncluttered, minimalist aesthetic. Clear spaces, natural substances and a limited...
Children are always watching our eyes- our gaze holds incredible power to convey care and love and respect. Children also tune into our tone of voice, our gestures, our body language, or our stance. These are all the subtle ways we communicate with children and with one another. Wearing a mask...
It takes a village to raise a child. How can I do better, how can I give, share and love to make it a better world for me and for you? I have faith that we will get past it.
When we analyse children’s woodwork it is extraordinary to see how it encompasses all areas of learning and development and invites connections between the different areas. It embraces all the characteristics of effective learning and fosters confident, creative children with passion for...
Our world has changed dramatically in the past several months. Scheduled activities outside the home are no longer driving our days. The sudden lack of social engagements and predictable routines has left many of us struggling, along with our children. But even in the midst of such a widespread...
Childhood is a time for, well, childhood! It’s not a preparation for school or adulthood. It’s a time for allowing children to go at their own pace, giving them the time they need to explore, manipulate, discover, and practise newly acquired skills.
A lot of emphasis is put on reading, writing and storytelling and maths, but actually, if you can’t be creative, how can you solve problems? That’s what the blocks help you to do – you turn a problem over, not only in your mind, but you also turn it over in your hands.

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