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Those of us who work with young children know stress often translates into an uptick in challenging behaviours. Tantrums, meltdowns, sleep disruptions, and regression are all ways that children may show that they are having a hard time. So, what can parents and caregivers do to help? Here are...
Now is a good time to familiarise ourselves with Froebel’s original ideas, and to use them to challenge inappropriate practices used with our youngest children.
It takes a village to raise a child. How can I do better, how can I give, share and love to make it a better world for me and for you? I have faith that we will get past it.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the task of preparing this environment for my class. Money for resources is very limited. Our space is the smallest, darkest and most cluttered classroom in the school. The needs of the children are mixed, often hidden, and not uncommon. They include a child...
Childhood is a time for, well, childhood! It’s not a preparation for school or adulthood. It’s a time for allowing children to go at their own pace, giving them the time they need to explore, manipulate, discover, and practise newly acquired skills.
A lot of emphasis is put on reading, writing and storytelling and maths, but actually, if you can’t be creative, how can you solve problems? That’s what the blocks help you to do – you turn a problem over, not only in your mind, but you also turn it over in your hands.
As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts almost every area of our lives, many of us find ourselves in unique new positions. For example, unable to send our children to nursery, we must now occupy and teach them at home. How can young children’s waking hours be both happy and purposeful, despite the...
What can we do in our work with young children to see that life, for them, continues to be a source of wonder and delight? We can start by asking, “What do we notice, pay attention to, and celebrate?
What’s the best way to understand how a seed turns into a plant? Watch it happen!
Kids love the chance to explore and experiment with paint and found objects.

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