Learning through music
Circle time activities
Little Tommy Tittlemouse

Music and movement

Did you ride bicycles around the block and play Hide-and-Seek outside with friends until you were called inside for dinner? These experiences helped us develop our senses and taught us to self-regulate our actions, preparing us ultimately for the more formal education of school.
Actually we all know very many more songs than we think we do, but we just don’t sing them as often as we could! But why is it important that we increase our own and our children’s repertoire of songs?
How can you keep from singing when the tune is engaging and fun? The stress of transition time can be eased when the instructions are sung to a familiar tune.
MUSIC! How can children learn or live without it? Music educators have known for years the value of quality music experiences.
Learn how singing, finger games and rhymes will make your circle time fun for young children.
One child is chosen to be Little Tommy Tittlemouse and he or she crouches in the middle, with hands over eyes. The others join hands and walk around in a circle, chanting or singing the rhyme.

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