Happy spaces
Built in vs free standing
Designing quality child care facilities
Transform your coat hooks
Transforming spaces

Room layout

Just as a teacher’s most important role is ensuring the safety of her students, this is also the most important role of the environment. The better the environment is set up the less time the teacher needs to devote to this critical mission.
If you make children happy now, you will make them happy 20 years hence by the memory.
Does the entry to your centre proclaim to parents and visitors, “Here is a place for children?” Or does the inevitable jumble of damp jackets and general clutter in cramped quarters convey indifference?
Since they are movable, freestanding shelves allow for flexibility of your space.
You know when you are in a well-designed environment – you don’t want to leave.
Designing a high-quality, developmentally appropriate early years setting is a highly complex task which requires specialized and unique skills.
Almost all children enjoy playing in the block area and can find something to do with blocks, whether or not they have ever played with them before.
A good early childhood environment supports play, hands-on-learning and whole child development.
Some of the key considerations in building settings for young children.

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