Case studies

1/8 Located in Bath, Atelier Nursery takes inspiration from the creativity of Reggio Emilia's schools and nurseries.

2/8 In one room, staff used Roomscapes panels and sea sand to create a unique indoor beach!

3/8 Because the construction area is bounded by shelves, children can focus on putting their plans into action.

4/8 Tables for creative work are grouped with different types of chairs so children of various ages sit comfortably.

5/8 Recycled and found materials are stocked in this inspiring corner, where the Library panel is put to a new kind of use!

6/8 With its legs removed, the Sand and water table is perfect for toddlers.

7/8 Welcome cubbies include useful pockets on top for communication with parents – and for personal treasures.

8/8 The Bench glider supports the warm interactions typical of Atelier Nursery.