Case studies

1/8 A view of the outdoor playing area.

2/8 The reception area where children and parents are welcomed each day.

3/8 As children enter the main room, they find their own familiar space for personal belongings, and the pocket on top holds artwork and notes to bring home.

4/8 Shelves face the construction area to hold blocks and small world materials. Since the shelves have fuzzy backs, they are used for displays and mirrors that serve the art area.

5/8 In the creative area a range of child-accessible materials are provided for junk modeling and other art forms.

6/8 A Community Playthings Art island easel in use.

7/8 There is a lovely bay for toddlers where everything is scaled to their size.

8/8 In the baby/toddler room, panels atop this row of shelves are dual purpose, creating a screen for babies sleeping on the other side, and providing display and mirror possibilities for the activities on this side.