Using Roomscapes

These instructions can be found in the Roomscapes product guide. Download a copy.

1. Choosing shelves

Consider the kinds of storage needed for the activites in each area. This will determine shelving amount as well as type. Shelves double as boundaries and display when they are away from the wall, and can face either direction. Space between shelves can be filled with panels. Go to shelves

2. What height of shelving?

41 cm shelves are nice within an area for babies. 61 cm shelves provide a good counter surface for most children, and 81 cm shelves maximise storage space and can bound cosy areas. You may prefer a tall height around a quiet area or near the wall, coming lower within the room.

3. Choosing panels

Panels come at the same heights as the shelves or there are wave panels that link two heights. Choose from three types of panels: clear, bamboo and pinboard. Go to panels

4. How does Roomscapes connect?

No tools are needed. Connectors on the end of each shelf or panel slide into grooves on the posts, allowing you to position your panels or shelves at various angles. Posts are 6 cm wide and should be reckoned into the total measurement. Choose post height to match that of the neighbouring shelf, panel, or stacked combination. (When connecting two heights, posts must match the taller height.) Go to posts

post in

5. Fine-tuning your space:

The adjustable panel can fill in any odd gaps in your Roomscapes run. It adjusts from 63 to 94 cm wide.

6. Stability


  • Shelves can stand alone, or be connected to other shelves or panels.
  • When connecting shelves in a straight line, use 2 posts and a filler.

filler and top


  • Panels must be connected at both ends.
  • No more than two panels in a straight line. (Options: create 45° or 90° angles, add a shelf, or use wings.)
  • If you place panels on top of shelves or other panels to make a higher divider, the combined height must not exceed post height.

Gate, Teacher arch and door:

  • All gates, Roomscapes entries and Teacher arches must be attached at both ends to a wall or furniture by Roomscapes posts at least 81 cm high. Use wall adaptors where needed.
  • Roomscapes shelves and panels attached to gates, Roomscapes entries or Teacher arches must be at least 61 cm high.
  • Roomscapes shelves attached to gates, Roomscapes entries or Teacher arches must be at least 94 cm long or connected at 45° or 90°.
  • Panels must connect at 45° or 90° to the gate threshold, with the following exception: the Compact Gate and Roomscapes Gate may connect in a straight line with a panel if a pair of Wings is added to the hinge side. Never use wings on a panel connected to a Roomscapes entry or Teacher arch.
  • If a 61 or 81 cm high Corner unit is connected to a gate, Roomscapes entry or Teacher arch, then the corner unit must be connected to another panel or shelf, or to a wall adaptor.
  • The Adjustable panel should not be used immediately adjacent to a gate, Roomscapes entry or Teacher arch.

7. Ending a run

  • Any shelf can end a run.
  • If you're ending a run with a panel, attach a Wing on each side, perpendicular to the panel.


  • A wall adapter can be screwed to the wall or other stable fixture to support a post. The bottom of the wall adapter must be on the floor.


Your customer service representative knows all about Roomscaping. They'll be glad to assist you through the process: Call 0800 387 457 or email.