The Outlast toddler collection offers a wide, and flexible, range of gross-motor play opportunities for little people.
A classroom makeover: Salehurst C of E Primary School's reception class is transformed by Community Playthings over the weekend.
Watch the Outlast mud kitchens and Arbour in action at Annan The Froebel School in East Sussex.
Watch these children build a dam using Outlast blocks in the mud.
Children build body awareness, fine motor control, concentration, perseverance and social skills through physical play.
Sand and water: the ultimate ingredients for play. Combine with loose parts and simple containers, and you have a recipe for hours of cooperative, open-ended, irresistible fun.
This short inspirational video is packed full of evidence that block play supports all the skills children need for the 21st century. Here’s a school where the foundation of learning is in playing with blocks.
More than 100 years ago Carolyn Pratt, inventor of the Unit Block, founded City & Country School in New York City. Still today their curriculum is built around learning with blocks. Here are some time-tested tips for teachers and practitioners.
Wooden playthings that last forever outdoors
Outlast tables and seating will help extend your classroom outdoors, connecting children to the natural world on a daily basis.

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